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Birthday Traditions: Why bother organizing a birthday party for my child?

1. Create a family / birthday tradition

I know the reasons why I do, but let me tell you the images that come to my mind when someone (like my husband), who comes from a different culture and background, asks me why do I bother, why do I give myself so much work?

Think about a tiny boy, not even two years old, who had just recently started to really express himself in words (timidly trying sentences) both in French and Portuguese. He was fascinated with planes because of many airplane travels he had done (family spread around the world), so the theme of his 2 years old birthday party was airplanes. I also loved the party theme and the fact that it was the first time I had organized a big party for my son and he understood what was going on. 

2. Enjoy the process

The day before the party, I decorated the table and living room, moved furniture, placed the dining table in a different way, put the chairs away and made space for guests and toys. My mom had flown from Paris where she was living at that time to help me.

By the end of that day the stunning decoration was ready: there were white balloons glued on the ceiling that looked like clouds, hand cut paper clouds of different sizes and accents of blue and white placed as a backdrop behind the cake table together with a large colorful metallic airplane balloon, other 3D paper white clouds vertically hanging, hand made paper airplanes, travel bags, airplane shaped cake and cookies, etc…


3. Make them feel special

When my son saw the decoration all ready it was already night and almost time to go to bed. He was so fascinated with all that scenario! He laid down on the floor of the dining room all decorated and asked if he could sleep there! I was so moved and happy! I didn't need anything else to make it worthy of all the work!

The next day he couldn’t help feeling so happy about all that magic happening and knowing it was all for him. When his friends from kindergarten came, they were also amazed just looking at everything and discovering all the details and things made for them - handmade paper airplanes and clouds to hang on their bedrooms, home made airplane and clouds shaped cookies, balloons, and party favors.

4. Build Memories

I know exactly that feeling of enchantment and joy of sharing with friends and family the birthdays my mom organized for us every year. I just cannot help to try to give to my son that feeling, to make him dream and imagine his birthday as a day when there is always magic in the air...

I could continue talking about the birthdays that followed, but what stays is the shared feeling, the amazement and memories. And for me that is more than a wonderful reason to organize birthday parties for my children and keep doing it again and again. 

what ones loves in childhood stays in the heart forever

5. Inspire friends & family

I hope my history inspires you to keep creating magical moments for your kids or start a new tradition with your little ones.

 - Cheers, Fe from the Pooka Party team