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Our Story

Imagine yourself in a living room filled with festive balloons and glittering decorations. A dining table completely dressed to the nines (skirts and all!) and a mother carving out beautiful wooden butterflies of all sizes to decorate the walls.

Meanwhile, grandmothers and aunties are in the kitchen baking and rolling our beloved brigadeiros, among other delicious sweets, while party favors sit neatly in order on the table. All the while, two little girls are running around fascinated and enchanted by all of the details and magic being made in their honor…

This is how we grew up. Our birthdays were always 100% homemade by our mother, grandmother and aunts, and yet they were incredibly grand and high quality! We anticipated the creative days before our parties just as much as our birthday, when we would see all the hard work and details come together in an incredible and magical scenario.

It was an experience for all of the senses. First, it is always an aesthetic delight, filled with 3D designed pieces of paper, made of wood or styrofoam which created a whole enchanted world. Next, a gastronomic heaven is made with delicious finger foods, both salty and sweet, prepared at home with great care and detail by our mother and grandmother. Lastly and most importantly, it was always about love and having a good time with our family and friends. 

The result is that decades later the same two little girls, now all grown up with kids on their own, repeat this ritual in different countries across the Atlantic, trying as best as possible to recreate the same magical world for their children and friends.

We want to keep this tradition alive and bring this magic to more than just our homes and family. That’s why we created Pooka Party and because we believe in the power of enchanting others.


 Aline & Fe

founders, sisters, moms, party décor aficionadas