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How to decorate a birthday table in 5 Steps

If you are jealous of those beautiful Pinterest party tables and don't know how to start, follow these 5 easy + on a budget steps to decorate an amazing table & look like a pro:

1.Theme and color palette

This is how you start. Once theme and color palette are defined, you are free to go to next steps and start grabbing your decoration items. Feel free to Mix-and-match your theme with some pattern to bring visual interest and style to your party set-up! Make sure to have a cohesive color story thorough your decoration. 

2.Flowers & Foliage. Definitely a must! 

They add beauty, color and volume to any table or decoration, so do not miss it!! The choice of type and color of flowers will depend on your theme and color palette, as you must coordinate them to get a harmonious result. If you are not sure about how to make flower arrangements, keep it simple and just add a dozen of flowers of the same type in one vase.

As for size and quantity, it should follow the size of the table, vases and decoration items. Make sure you have at least 2 tall flower/foliage arrangements. Feel free to add medium and smaller arrangements on the side if you have flowers left(groups of 3 vases always look better than 2 or 4!).

You may also add flowers or foliage to a balloon garland or together with a backdrop composition. In the picture bellow, for an animal forest birthday party theme, foliage of different sizes and types were chosen to decorate the table, mixed with balloon garland and used to create the center of the backdrop with number three made of cardboard covered with fresh leaves picked in the forest. Simple and efficient!

3.Add Dimension.

Adding dimension is very important so your table will not look flat and boring. Try to create a composition of elements in different heights and make sure to balance it all through your table. The main elements to create volume to a table are: flowers and vases, cakes and diversified sweet treats presented in different cake stands and plates, box or other recipients and decoration objects in connection to the birthday theme.

Use a cake stand (if you don't have one, buy a neutral that can be reused) for the birthday cake. And to display cupcakes, cookies and any other delicate sweet treats use trays (or smaller cake stands), any nice ceramics or neutral plates that you already have. Those can be placed at table level, just remember to follow your color palette, add cupcake toppers and distribute them to cover “empty” spaces on your table.

If after doing that you still feel like your table décor it looks too flat, you may also try using some simple but nice boxes or plates upside down and placing your trays or plates on the top of it. A nice looking or decorative box used open or half open with cookies inside may also give a nice touch to the decoration.

4.Balloons, garlands, wall stickers.

They are the easiest backdrops you can have and look beautiful. Same tip here...follow your color palette and get creative! Create a stylish display by hanging multiples products together (pompoms, balloons, foliage, garlands, wall stickers, origami, options are endless) behind the main table. If you want to create a stunning effect we suggest to concentrate your decoration in one room or area instead of scattering them around.

5.The little extras.

super hero birthday decorGetting a beautiful table doesn't have to add to your budget! Always look around your home and see what matches your theme and colors and add a special touch to your table. Party bags are also a great way to decorate either the main table or a console in the backdrop.

If you are organizing a kids party, there are also many entertaining items (such as party hats, masks, piñatas, and so on) that can also work as decorations while they are not in use.

We hope you enjoy these tips and impress your friends and family with your next birthday party table!

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- Cheers, the Pooka Party team