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Throw a Boho Coachella Kids Party

The great deal about this trendy theme is that it's great for any age and any event, from birthdays to baby showers and bridal showers.

 Also, what we love about it is that you can incorporate so many home decor elements. Add flowers, foliage (Eucalyptus if you can), and Voila! 

1. Color Palette: Dark and Light Pink, Blue and Gold:


We used our Sleepover Collection cups as inspiration. The different shades of pink mixed with a bit of Blue and Gold make it Chic and add Harmony to the decor.

Add the collection plates, napkins and party bags too.

 2. Balloon Wall:

 bohosleepovercoachelapinkballoonwallWe created this wall using:

    - 4 Pooka Party Balloon Kits (approximately 200 balloons)

    - Clear removable painting hangers. We spread it throughout the wall and used our balloon strips (part of the Pooka Party Balloon Kit) to hang it on the hangers. It took some time but it ended up totally affordable and fabulous.

 3. Home Decor Items:


We found so many cute "boho" items at Ikea (lanterns, trays, candle holder, glass domes, wooden box, clear vases). We love buying reusable items because we can decorate the house and reuse it for many birthdays and events.

 4. Flowers and Foliage


Another great advantage of this theme is that you can use a lot of Eucalyptus - affordable and beautiful + smells soooo good, right!

We bought 2 types of Eucalyptus, spread through the balloons, table and flower arrangement.

We also added some cactus and succulents from Ikea.

5. Cake, Sweets, Toppers

We love DYI and throwing parties on a budget. But there is always 1 item or 2 you can perhaps splurge? Because why not right! For this party it was the main cake. We used the pattern and color of our Sleepover party cup. How perfect it turned out!

 coachelabohocakeThe second cake we baked and added Trader Joe's macaroons and Eucalyptus, easy and pretty! 
We hope you love this party as much as we and Julia (the birthday girl) did!
Pooka Team